Hi there, I’m Mils Vardan, songwriter of Crying My Blood In The Darkness.

Today, I have a very special offer for you that’s impossible to find anywhere else on the Internet… even on platforms like Spotify. These offers are absolutely unique !

If you really appreciate “Crying My Blood In The Darkness,” then you must know that this song has a very special story, and I was creating a lot of versions for this song… all waiting for you.

There is two special editions, so you can buy the first Silver Blue Edition containing three tracks with two original versions of my song as well as a brand new instrumental song.

You can get these three tracks for only $2… cheaper than on Apple Music or elsewhere.

Why I have not uploaded my tracks to Spotify yet ?

Simple, yet very important:  I want to be in DIRECT contact with the people who love my music, my fans.
I want to communicate with you through Facebook Messenger or by email, … but platforms like Spotify or Apple Music do not allow artists to communicate with their fans. And for me, it’s very important to communicate with you directly.

Also, my tracks use the amazing 01TRSOUND for a high and powerful sound quality. When I send my music on Spotify or Apple Music, their algorithms degrade the quality of my music, simple as that.

Of course, here is my official website where everything is secure.

Despite this, I have to send all my music to these platforms, because it’s the law for copyrighted songs. That is why this offer is limited in time and quantity. My website host allows me 1,550 downloads at this time,…
so don’t wait!

If you love “Crying My Blood In The Darkness” and want to get these tracks in the best quality possible…

All you have to do is click on the green button below to add this in your cart and download it.


3 tracks available

  Inside the Silver Blue Edition  :

1️⃣ Crying My Blood In The Darkness – Radio Boost Version 

2️⃣ Crying My Blood In The Darkness – Acoustic Version

3️⃣ Dramacide – New Instrumental Song